Carol Roach

In my hand built ceramic pieces I enjoy different textures playing against each other, eg, like rough to smooth, glazed to oxides, shiny to dull surfaces, and red to white clay.  These contrasts in textures and patterns result from my early childhood experiences, when I developed a long and loving history of sewing, and later life experiences.  For me, these clay pieces are more childlike and playful fun.  A good example in this area includes my chicken / bird and turtle series.  The chicken / bird turtles come from my hatred of chickens as a caretaker in my childhood farm days, where I had to feed them every day.  In adult life I came to love turtles.  Hence, my art allowed me to put the contrast together in a more understanding and loving way.  I enjoy making these pieces as much as people enjoy having them.

In my thrown ceramic pieces I express my love of and creativity in painting, especially in that I can combine a two dimensional image on a three dimensional item. Here I look to each plate or bowl as my white canvas.  I use my training in various techniques, from watercolor to Chinese Brush painting, which I learned while living in Singapore.  I apply the watercolor like under glazes to each piece, whether they are fish or flower images.  Unlike my canvases, I like to go beyond the edges and paint the entire piece as a total unit.  I like the viewer to be as much surprised at the bottom as they are at the top.  I find the two come together in a very pleasing way.

Carol was raised in the small farming community of Fairfield, Iowa. She completed her BFA in metalsmithing at the University of Iowa. Later she relocated to Houston, Texas and and later, after marriage and a job transfer, to Rockaway, New Jersey. After years of travel to London, England, Oslo, Norway, The Woodlands, Texas, Singapore, Walton-on-Thames, England, Colleyville, Carol and her family finally returned to Houston. Here, Carol attended Sam Houston State University where she graduated with an MA and MFA in watercolor.

During her time in Singapore, Carol began painting the colorful local scenery, expanding her pottery skills, and learning Chinese brush painting. She began actively exhibiting artwork, both in painting and ceramic galleries, including having art advertised in Asia Pacific Wine & Dine Magazine, and undertook numerous commissions. Teaching drawing, painting and ceramics to both adults and children became a rewarding activity.  Carol is excited to live and work in the Heights nieghborhood where many other artists live.  Her varied artwork expresses the many places and experiences she has lived.

Selected Work: