Michelle Matthews

I start with a square; it was the way I was taught to stitch. The needlepoint canvas is a grid comprised of many squares, a solid support to begin an intricate design. I am drawn to the grid in my ceramic sculpture.  It is the backbone of the structures. I create a grid form, torqueing the structure with each phase of design, testing its strengths.  The texture completes the piece with gritty richness that invites the viewer to explore each twist and turn, pushing the imagination.

My work is also about the process and form. I have developed a clay body using a mixture of clay and volcanic grit that is lightweight but strong, can maintain its form when fired at high temperatures and has texture. The final form is treated with underglazes and stains which are applied, sponged off and reapplied to add depth. The volcanic grit burns out during the firing process resulting in a crusty, textured clay body. Final works are fired in reduction in a gas or wood fired kiln.

Selected Work:

Michelle Matthews - sculpture

   Michelle Matthews - candlesticks