Mike Jabbur

Fundamental to my production of utilitarian pottery is the forging of connections that simultaneously enrich lives and celebrate the positive aspects of humanity.  My pottery is about these very entities: material, form, utility, interaction and experience; through the exploration of these entities, I intend to re-engage the user with the vessel.


Utilitarian pots are to be used—to be touched, held, filled, emptied, cleaned, and shared.  These attributes define and direct my artistic pursuit. 
Reveling in the expressive potential of clay’s materiality—its willingness to glisten and stretch, fold and fissure—I draw connections between the ceramic vessel and the human body to sanction a means of understanding, a postern to the familiar.  The body is a wonderfully complex structure, limitless in opportunity for investigation from the micro to the macro, the corporeal to the conceptual.  Dynamic movements expressed by the human body also inspire my sense of form; my pots bend and twist, wriggle and dance.  Such gestures further the associative phenomenon regarding our means of understanding.  Concurrently, these gestures—especially dance—recall the human act of celebration.  A metaphorical connection is drawn between colloquial perceptions of human celebration and the metaphysical celebration that occurs when actively engaging in acts of eating and drinking.
I hope to enhance our breaks in the day—modest endeavors such as afternoon coffee, conversation, and sharing in drink with friends. Yet my pottery also succors rare and special moments of reflection and celebration.

Selected Work: