Shikha Joshi

I am a studio potter currently working out of my home studio in Round Rock TX. Having grown up in India I had a lot of exposure to the traditional Indian art and craft which has significantly influenced my work.
To me, every pot is like a canvas waiting to be decorated so that it can add an element of beauty and joy to someone's daily life. I hope that my carvings act as a labyrinth to trace away the stresses of the day and infuse the user with a feeling of meditative silence.


My pots are predominantly wheel thrown. Once the clay is leather hard, the designs are simply drawn free hand on the pot and then carved or cut through. No templates are used. The patterns are greatly inspired by traditional Indian designs and the accent is on natural motifs with intricate floral or paisley themes.

The rich earthy hues strongly appeal to the artist in me which in turn dictate the choice of my clay and glazes. Glazing is kept simple so as to accentuate the details of the carvings. My objective is to create elegant functional forms enhanced by elaborate surface embellishment. It is the fine balance between aesthetics and function, which guides me on my evolutionary journey as a potter.

Selected Work: