Tom Edwards


Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, Tom Edwards took his first ceramics class at Mira Costa High School when he was fifteen years old. The clay bug has followed him ever since...


By 1983, Tom was a successful potter, selling mainly through retail craft fairs. It was at this time that he came up with the idea of Wally. “A friend of mine was in med school and she had a delirious patient who kept talking about Nappy. After a week or so, she realized that the patient was talking about a dog. It was a turning point in Tom’s career: “I made this weird little plate to commemorate the incident and I really liked the way it looked. I was compelled to make more pots like this. I got the name ‘Wally’ from these British guys I worked with, it’s slang for ‘nerd’. One day I started drawing these really simple Wally jokes on the pots just for my own amusement. When I took them to a craft fair, the response was incredible. Within a month, I had an order for a complete dinnerware set and people were asking for more Wally adventures.”



Selected Work: