Betsy Evans

Betsy Evans has been working with clay for about the last 10 years; we lured her away from her former passion as a woodworker and carpenter! Currently creating in her studio at Winter Street Studios in the 1st Ward of Houston, Betsy is mostly a self-taught ceramic artist. She experiements with color, shape, and form using both throwing and handbuilding techniques. Nature provides Betsy with many of her inspirations, looking at the simplicity of the cacti shape, complex lines involved in the developement of a flower or the intricate textures in all living things.


Her latest work explores a world of birds - using tiles, jars, and three-dimensional wall sculptures to reflect a multitude of bird personalities—realistic, fanciful, and possibly autobiographical.


Betsy's experience in woodworking has proved invaluable in envisioning, designing and executing the physical layout of the Gallery. She has also been a key participant in the local clay arts educational organization, ClayHouston, serving as the Festival Chair for its Second and Third Annual ClayHouston Festival event and organizing past ClayHouston member shows at Hanson Galleries.

Selected Work: