Chris Melia

All of my work is designed with function in mind; everything I make is intended to be used, not to be set on a shelf and merely viewed. I constantly tweak and alter my form designs from experiences in the kitchen. When cooking I am always aware of what type of vessel would be best suited for holding this type of food, or pouring that type of sauce. My hands are always aware of how certain forms feel – are there places on a cup where the fingers can rest or grip it better? is this handle an appropriate distance from the wall of the mug?


My questions of functionality are not only about if the piece will technically do the job for which it was created, but they extend to whether or not the piece will be comfortable to the end user. It is physically uncomfortable to drink from a mug that has a sharp edge on the handle and it is mentally uncomfortable to pour from a teapot where the tea, after poured, continues to run down the spout and onto the table.


My work is about merging physical and mental comfort with functionality and aesthetic design. It is about making pieces that are appealing to both touch and to sight. Ever conscious of these goals, everything aspect of my pottery – design, creation, glazing, firing – is about cultivating an ultimate sense of comfort within each piece so that the end user can appreciate and connect with it.



Selected Work: