Janey Skeer

Clay is a very immediate, responsive material.  Press into it, and it yields the physical honesty of Earth itself.  I investigate texture using plastic, wood, and steel as stamps to make impressions in the clay.  Additional carving and contouring add dramatic depth.  I focus on combining different textures, colors, and size of clay tiles.  These combinations create striking, dramatic surfaces.  Using numerous clay slops and stains the textured surfaces come alive.  Capitalizing on the inherent quality of clay as an impressionable material, the finished tiles’ dramatic surfaces tell a visual story about the clay.  This can be enhanced by stacking the two tiles.


Janey Skeer is a Denver-area studio artist who has been working in clay for 26 years. She received her Masters in Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of Denver and actively exhibits locally, regionally, and nationally. Her work includes many strongly relief wall panels with architectural qualities.


Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Kirkland Museum, Denver, Colorado

Apple Computer, Denver, Colorado

Westminster City Hall, Colorado

Boulder Law Enforcement Offices, Boulder, Colorado

Shell Oil, Denver, Colorado

Kaiser Permanente, Denver, Colorado

Ptarmigan Corporation, Boulder, Colorado

Gores Technology, Boulder, Colorado

Pearson, Horowitz, Poskus & Burnett, P.C., Denver, Colorado

Metzger Collection, North Carolina

Weiner Collection, Maryland



"Evolution of the Ball" Coors Baseball Field, Denver, Colorado

Apache Park Project, Aurora, Colorado

Granite Towers, Denver, Colorado

First Community Bank, Denver, Colorado

Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, Colorado

Allstate, Aurora, Colorado

Community Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah


Special projects:

Denver Art Museum presentations/demonstrations

Additional Commissions:
Vectra Bank of Denver
Colorado Capitol Bank of Denver
Tenant Planning Services
The Chapel at Medical Center of the Rockies – Loveland, CO


University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado

Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, Colorado

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado

Art Students League of Denver, Denver, Colorado


Ceramics Monthly, 1997, 2002, 2003

American Journal of Ceramics, 2007

500 Tiles, Lark Publications, 2008

Selected Work: