Lebeth Lammers

For me, the process of becoming an artist is lifelong.  From earliest childhood I have made things with my hands.  When I was young, my dad and I dug clay from the ditch behind our house which I sculpted into figures.  What began as a childhood passion has been refined through my life experience and formal education.


I completed my bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the University of Houston in 1977.  I also spent a sabbatical year in Antigua, Guatemala studying traditional talavera ceramics.  In 1990 I was the artist-in-residence at the al Faisal Royal Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  For several years, I worked with the Texas Commission on the Arts and Humanities teaching in schools and museums.  My work has appeared in dozens of exhibitions and has been shown in galleries across Texas and the Southwest.  

Once I finish a piece, I can often see its inspiration - perhaps dreams, observations, or that universal source, nature - however conscious understanding usually comes later.  I love both functional and sculptural work.  For me, functional work is a blank canvas to express the beauty of form, line, color and texture.  Sculptural work adds the dimensions of ideas, emotions and impressions from the world around me.


I still feel the exhilaration of getting up every day, walking into the studio, looking at what I did the day before and picking up the thread again.  As in childhood, it’s the organic, tactile process and its visual results that inspire me.


Selected Work: