Marilyn Moore Smith


After spending more than 25 years painting in oil and acrylics, I decided to satisfy my curiosity about clay. I enrolled in Ceramics 1 with Roy Hanscom at North Harris Community College in 2000 and I have not painted on a canvas since. I knew from the first pinch pot I made that clay was the medium I had been looking for. After so many years of drawing and painting, it was a natural progression for me to start drawing, incising and carving on clay and now a thrown, trimmed and leather-hard pot is a blank canvas for me to carve on. One of the skills I have acquired over many years is calligraphy and my next challenge is to integrate calligraphy with carving.


The emphasis on my pots is the hand-carved surface. My intention is to combine function with beauty and no single step in the process of making a pot out of a ball of clay is more important than another. When making my pots out of porcelain, every step must work from throwing, trimming, carving, glazing and firing and if they do, the pot will have transparency and that is magic to me.


Clay has become my passion and I continue to let "it is never too late to learn" guide my life.

Selected Work: