Marion Peters Angelica

M.F.A. in Ceramics State University of New York-New Paltz
M.A. in Ceramics University of Minnesota-Duluth
B.A. in Fine Arts and Biology Mount Holyoke College

Artist Statement
My work is about celebration—celebration in two senses.
The first sense is celebration of the remarkable beauty found in the inanimate and animate elements of our world--rock formations, crystals, fossils, flowers, cell structures—their forms demonstrate both order and the unexpected, as well as strength and fragility. These dualities--order with the unexpected, and strength with fragility inform the aesthetic qualities I try to embody in my work.


The second sense of celebration is the joining together of friends, family and neighbors to share important moments—times for remembrance, to share joy or sorrow, to welcome or say farewell. The pieces I create are meant to participate in the times people convene to celebrate the many turning points in our human lives. This sense of celebration informs the function of my pieces.


I hand-build one-of-a kind, functional art pieces and work in high-fire porcelain. Porcelain’s purity and sense of refinement seem particularly fitting to the nature of celebration. I like the challenge of pushing the limits of porcelain’s tensile strength by bending, folding and applying pressure to it. By doing this, porcelain exhibits both its strength and its fragility. The forms I create seek to combine both order and the unexpected. Because the material readily records each touch, porcelain demands that I work with clear intention and a tender touch in order to retain its freshness and fluidity.

I have found that we humans are too often “too busy” to stop and celebrate the large and small events in life, which are, ironically, the very moments that give life meaning and beauty. I make work that both reminds, and hopefully even entices, people to celebrate the beauty of living.

Selected Work: