Sharon McCoy

I am a narrative artist in love with clay.  Clay gives me the placidity to capture my thoughts when it is wet and permanency of the form when fired.  My work is layered with meanings from my past, from other cultures and their history.  I use my own personal symbolism as well as borrowed symbol from my travels.  Previously, I made a vague reference to the figure in my imagery.  Lately the figure has become of grave importance to the story-telling nature of my work. The clothing on the figures pays homage to the heritage of seamstresses in my lineage.

Color is of the utmost significance in my work.  The layering of bold, vibrant colors invites the viewer to take a closer look.  Once captivated, the viewer is asked to look at the details.  Then the viewer is welcomed to create their own story.  It is not my intention to reveal the whole story, but to entice the viewer to make up their own.


Satirical humor is a considerable potion of my narrative vocabulary.  It makes the sarcasm a little easier to digest. This work, although seemingly fantasy, is a reality for me. This work of multiple-meanings is fired with multiple colored underglazes and glazes.  The work is multi-fire, up to five times, in an oxidation kiln to cone 04 to give each sculpture its desired visual depth.
Sharon McCoy is a multi-talented ceramic artist living and working in Monte Vista, Colorado.  She completed her art education at Alamosa, CO (Adams State College), earning a BA (Ceramics and Print-making) and MFA (Mixed-Media Sculpture.)  She has been a gallery and coffee-shop owner and taught at her alma mater, but now teaches high school in Monte Vista where she has her own studio.  She has participated in many workshops and residencies, including a recent stint as Artist in Residence at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shigaraki, Japan.

Selected Work: