Terry Hagiwara

Let my pieces speak to you!


Terry grew up in Kyushu, Japan, the third largest island in Japan, southwest of Honshu main island. Though Kyushu is famous for many ceramic centers such as Arita, Imari, Nabeshima, Karatsu, Takatori and Agano, Terry explains that he did not discover the ceramic arts until reaching the United States. He describes his aesthetic as "Finds beauty in anything almost symmetric (or organized) but with its symmetry slightly broken (or with a hint of chaos). Appreciates controlled behavior of free and spontaneous fluidity."


Terry, who is also a research physicist in the petroleum industry, enjoys both his chosen modes of investigating order and chaos. Terry works both with high-fired and wood-fired stoneware, but more often with raku firing. His raku work employs a range of glazes from metallic copper to crackle white, often covered with simple geometric shapes in interlocking "tiling" patterns. Or, the pots may be burnished and decorated with a smoke-resist slip which is removed after raku-firing/smoking. This produces a surface Terry himself calls "jade finish."



Selected Work: